Getting Started with OpenMember

Use the following instructions to get started in monetizing your Telegram community, whether that's a private channel or group.

Use the following instructions to get started in monetizing your Telegram community, whether that's a private channel or group.

1. Sign up for OpenMember

Visit to start the sign up process

Enter your email and desired password, read and agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy and hit 'Create account'

2. Connect your Telegram account

Next you'll need to connect your Telegram account to your OpenMember account. Clock Log in with Telegram and then enter the phone number associated with your Telegram account on the pop-up window

In Telegram, you'll need to hit 'Confirm' in order to complete the connection

3. Add the OpenMember bot to the Telegram Channel or Group you want to charge your subscribers to access

Now you'll need to add the OpenMember bot to your channel or group so that it can control access on your behalf. Copy our bot name exactly (@OpenMemberBotCo) and add it as an Administrator in the channel or group. There are instructions on this page for whichever platform you are signing up on (iOS, Android or Desktop)

In Channels: The only permission needed is 'Add Subscribers'

In Groups: The only permissions needed are 'Ban Users' and 'Invite Users via Link'

Confirm that OpenMember has pulled the correct Channel or Group name.

If you have added the bot to multiple channels or groups, select which one you want to charge for access to from the dropdown.

4. Set your subscription price

Now you must set the price you want to charge people to access your channel or group. You can pick anything over $0.50 (Stripe limitation) and charge however frequently you want (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, one time, and more). You will also select your account currency here.

Note: OpenMember charges a 5% transaction fee in order to help cover our costs of maintaining the platform and building new features. This is on top of the Stripe fee which is usually 2.9% + $0.30 in most countries (

5. Connecting Stripe

The last step is to connect your Stripe account. If you do not have a Stripe account, you will set one up during this stage. You will be redirected to Stripe where they will gather the information they need from you depending on what country you are in.

First you'll enter your phone number and email address

After you have logged into your Stripe account, you'll enter which country you are in and what type of business you represent. This will vary by country.

Next you'll enter some information about yourself or the business. Note: This is all required by Stripe and we do not collect this information.

Finally, enter your banking info so Stripe knows where to deposit your payments

6. You're ready to share your subscription page and access your dashboard

You can now share your subscription page to your followers. We've provided some handy links to send this out to your various social media accounts.