The 5 best Telegram bots for your channel or group

Bots are a new way for users of Telegram to interact with the app.

What is a Telegram bot?

Back in 2015, Telegram released a new bot API that included the ability for developers to build custom bots for the chat app. At the time, almost every communication platform was launching the ability for third party users to build bots, only a few have succeeded long term.

Bots are a new way for users of Telegram to interact with the app, another user, or a channel/group. They run entirely within Telegram and can be installed in just a few seconds. They are fully automated and let users do things that are beyond what you can do with the base Telegram app. They really can be immensely powerful ways to upgrade your Telegram experience. We should also note, there are a number of NSFW and inappropriate bots out there to steer clear of, such as the Telegram deepfake bots that became a bigger issue in 2020 (CNET article).

What kind of Telegram bots are there?

If you can dream it, there's likely a bot for it on Telegram. Over the last 6 years, there have been thousands of bots developed for Telegram for almost every conceivable purpose. Here's a short list of some of the things you can do with bots on Telegram:

  • Play games
  • Listen to music from other apps
  • Set reminders
  • Send GIFs
  • Translate chats
  • Send notifications from Github, or Google Analytics
  • Reduce incoming spam messages
  • Create polls within a channel or group
  • Crypto and stock price alerts
  • Much more...

Where are the best places to find new Telegram bots?

With the thriving bot ecosystem on Telegram, there are now lots of great places to discover and learn about bots you can try. You can also find Telegram group search bots to assist in this process.

Here are our favorite places to discover new bots:

On, you'll find over 17 pages of bots that you can sort by 'Top Rated' or 'Newest'. Each bot has a rating which shows how many people have reviewed it, an area to comment on the bot and a description of what it does. It's a great way to see if a bot you're thinking about adding is popular with others. has over 180 bots listed on their database and lets you filter them by a bunch of different categories. They also show you commands for the bots that are listed, as well as screenshots.

Telegram Bots Subreddit

The r/TelegramBots subreddit is a great place to explore the community around Telegram bots. Here you'll find helpful recommendations and over 18,000 other bot enthusiasts ready to help with your questions.

What are the best bots for your Telegram community?

As you build your community on Telegram whether through a channel or group, you can use bots to create a better experience for your subscribers. Here are a few we recommend checking out first:


What it does: Create polls instantly for your group or channel so you can get feedback directly from your subscribers

How to use it: Poll your community about the content you've been posting, or about the type of content they'd like to see in your group/channel. Use the results to dial in the content you create going forward.


What it does: Can create triggers for things outside of Telegram that then get posted to your channel/group or vice versa

How to use it: If you post to your Twitter or Instagram and want those posts to automatically hit your channel, use IFTTT and create a trigger to handle this automatically for you.

Discuss Bot

What it does: Creates a comments button underneath posts in your channel. This is valuable as channels are one-way communications, so this creates a place for your subscribers to discuss or give feedback on your posts.

How to use it: Fairly simple, just add to your channel and let the discussions begin!

Group Help

What it does: Creates a bunch of new administrator tools for your channel or group including warning, banning/unbanning subscribers, pinning messages, viewing unengaged users and much more

How to use it: Create a rules post for your channel or group that you pin with Group Help, then use the bot to help you enforce those rules and keep spam and unwanted discussions from your channel.


What it does: The ultimate way to sell access and monetize your Telegram channels or groups. Create subscription plans and gate your content for only your paying subscribers

How to use it: Setup a pricing plan that fits the type of content you are creating, and then start earning a living with Telegram!

So there you have it, five great bots to try out with your Telegram community. We hope they are helpful for you and your subscribers!

Image source: Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels