How to keep content in Telegram channels 'members-only'

Telegram has added a 'Restrict saving content' feature for channels and groups

The growth of communities on Telegram simply can not be denied. The popular messaging application has seen massive growth of creators using the platform for sharing content with their followers over the last few years.

Telegram has clearly recognized this, and their product team is hard at work on features that will benefit those creators.

One challenge that creators had before today's big update, was that media shared in their channels and groups could easily be saved, forwarded or screenshot. This meant that content was never really private on an app that constantly strives for encryption and privacy.

As of December 7, 2021 that's all changed. Telegram has added a 'Restrict saving content' feature for both public and private groups and channels that enables the following:

  • Restricts message forwarding from chats
  • Prevents screenshots (as of this posting, screenshots were still working on iOS)
  • Limits ability to save media from posts

All of this is great news for creators who want to keep their Telegram content as 'members-only'.

OpenMemebr - Restrict content in Telegram Channels and groups

Here are the steps to turn on the new 'Restrict saving content' feature on Telegram:

  1. Go into your Telegram channel or group that you want to enable this feature for
  2. Open the Group or Channel Info page by hitting the circle icon in the top right of the screen
  3. Hit the 'Edit' button on iOS or the pencil icon on Android
  4. Select the 'Channel / Group Type' button
  5. Turn on 'Restrict Saving Content'
  6. Get sharing!

In conjunction with OpenMember, this new feature further ensures that creators with paying subscribers to their channels or groups can ensure that their paid content only goes to their members. It's a huge win for communities on Telegram.

Header photo: Photo by Life Of Pix from Pexels