10 of the Best Telegram Bots in 2022

In this post, we'll explore the best Telegram bots as of 2022.

Telegram is one of the world's most popular messaging applications. It now has over 500 million monthly users and is one of the ten most downloaded apps worldwide.

People use Telegram for various purposes. It can be for personal messaging, work chats, or meeting new people. One nifty feature that the app has is bots. These tools can be fun, practical, and flexible, with a wide range of functionalities.  

In this post, we'll explore what Telegram bots are and recommend a few you can use to improve your overall Telegram experience.

To get you started, we listed down these recommendations in the table below along with some of their features. Learn more about them in the reviews provided in the latter part of this post.

Easy to Use Quick and Easy Installation Fees and Charges More Information
OpenMember Yes Yes No monthly fee
Charges 5% per transaction
Visit their website
ManyBot Yes Yes Free Visit their website
Combot Yes Yes Free for small groups of up to 200 members. Bigger group fees start from ~$6/month Visit their website
Dr. Web Yes Yes Free on Telegram Visit their website
BotFather Yes Yes Free to use, but you may donate to the developer Visit their page

Yes Yes Free. No registration is required. Visit their website
Miss Rose Bot Yes Yes Free Visit their website
WatchDog Yes Yes Free Visit their page
SuchChat Yes Yes Free seven-day trial. Has a standard ($9/agent/mo) and pro subscription ($22/agent/mo) Visit their website
Controller Bot Yes Yes Free Visit their website

About Telegram Bots

Simply put, Telegram bots are third-party applications that run within the Telegram app. They can have varying degrees of complexity, depending on how they are programmed. Some bots respond to text commands, while others respond to inline keyboards.

Telegram bots have a wide range of functions. Anyone can access the Telegram Bot API and create their bot at zero cost. Users can create specialist Telegram bots for news updates, games, sharing media, and even facilitating payments. The best telegram bots are simple yet effective.

You can interact one-on-one with these bots or add them to an existing channel. For example, you can use bots to schedule posts and announcements, create polls, etc. These functions can be beneficial for work channels and professional correspondence within the app.

Businesses can also create their own bots to serve as their clients' first contact. They can program these bots to answer questions about the company and assist with sales. Some bots even allow credit card payments within the app.

These developments make it more accessible for businesses to set up automated processes. Setting up a custom bot is free and simple enough for any programmer. So if an AI chatbot isn't on your budget yet, Telegram bots can be your next best option.

The world of Telegram bots is a thriving ecosystem. Due to this, there is a good number of bots available, some of them with similar functions. It can be challenging to find a bot with the functions you truly need due to this fact.

With lots of bots coming into the scene, it's crucial to have a filtering system. You can use the Telegram search bar, but you'd only get a limited amount of information. Learning about your choices can help you choose the best Telegram bot for your channel. This post will help shed some light on how they work and how they can help you manage your Telegram channel.

How do Telegram Bots work?

A Telegram bot is a specialized Telegram account that users can interact with. Like other accounts, they also have usernames that you can type in the search bar. Users can send messages to bots, which often serve as commands.

There are two ways to interact with a Telegram bot:

  • Sending a direct message or command through the bot's account
  • Sending requests directly from any input field. Users can do this by mentioning the bot's username (@username) and the request

Telegram bots usually respond instantaneously. Bots immediately start working upon adding them to a channel or sending a command. They can easily keep up with time-sensitive processes for business or personal use.

Telegram bot technology is pretty flexible. Any programmer can create a bot for virtually any purpose. If you're planning to build a Telegram community for your business, some bots can help with that.

To create a bot, programmers need to set up an account with BotFather. This will generate the bot account. You need to connect it to your backend server via the Telegram Bot API to add functionality. Programmers can use Node.js, Python, or other languages to program the bot.

What to Look for in a Telegram Bot

When deciding which bot to install in your channel, it's important to consider your needs. What is the channel for? Who is in it? What do you usually talk about? Do you need to transfer files regularly? Are you planning to monetize said channel? How detailed are the analytics you want to get?

Another vital factor to consider is user-friendliness. People would be more likely to engage with the channel if they knew what to do. The bot should have a clear instruction and command list that users can refer to at any time.

Special kinds of bots for specific purposes can be hard to find. You can browse around different bot reviews to make sure you find one that fits your channel well. The greatest Telegram bots are ones that offer all you need in one place.

Image source: Pixabay
“Before choosing a Telegram bot to add to your group, ensure that it's safe to use to avoid possible security issues.” - Founder of OpenMember

Create your next Telegram community with OpenMember. Install the Telegram bot today.

Best Telegram Bots Reviews

Managing a community via a messaging app can be difficult to do. The challenge becomes more evident the more people sign up for it. However, it is also a sign of growth.

There is a long list of Telegram bots that could help you in one way or another. We've gone through the trouble of only selecting the best for you. These bots will assist you with the upkeep of running a thriving online community.

Here is a list of the best Telegram bots for your business and online community along with their reviews. Hopefully, these will allow you to make an informed decision about which one to choose for your endeavors.


The OpenMember bot allows you to create and manage paid Telegram channels. You can freely set prices for your channel and facilitate these transactions on the app. You can do wholly customized pricing options (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual).

When subscribing to OpenMember, you also get access to their web dashboard. Through it, you can track your channel's growth and manage memberships.

Pros Cons
Claims to be “the Ultimate Telegram Tool” Software still in development
Makes it easy to create monetized subscriptions for your Telegram channel Dashboard only available on web devices
Has everything you need to monetize your Telegram channel or group Has a small fee per transaction

You don't have to pay to get started with OpenMember. It only takes a 5% fee from every transaction.


Manybot allows you to create your own Telegram bot without the hassle of intense coding. This makes bot creation even more accessible to the general public. Users can create their own commands, menus, and submenus.

Aside from bot creation, Manybot also helps you manage the bots you create. You can set up an admin system, schedule messages, and automate posting. So far, Manybot has assisted in creating over 100,000 Telegram bots.

Pros Cons
Claims to be the “most powerful bot platform” No option for monetization
Can create custom commands No analytics dashboard
Can help you design multi-level menus Doesn’t include user management

Manybot is completely free to use via Telegram.


The Combot Telegram bot helps you manage communities on Telegram. It can be handy for business owners and community moderators.

Its notable features include spam protection, customizable filters, and restriction policies. These features allow for cleaner channels. There won't be much room for spam messages and unruly behavior.

Combot also has tools for better engagement. You can set up scheduled announcements and reputation points for users. These can help start conversations and positive interactions among users.

Pros Cons
Simple Lack of in-depth activity analysis
Easy to customize Sometimes laggy
Free for small groups Doesn’t count users

Combot is free to use for smaller groups with 200 members or less. Subscription starts at $6 for bigger channels.

Dr. Web

Aside from messaging, Telegram also has decent file-sharing capabilities. If you use the app to send and receive various files, Dr. Web bot could help in minimizing virus infections.

Dr. Web is the first Telegram bot to scan files for viruses on the app. You can scan files by sending them to the bot or by adding Dr. Web to a conversation. When added to a channel, the bot will automatically scan all the files in it.

Pros Cons
Reliable Laggy with bigger files
Helps detect infections before they inflict significant damage Slower than traditional antivirus software
Doesn’t take up too much space Only scans files, not devices

The Dr. Web Telegram bot is free to use.


BotFather is the "one bot to rule them all," and for a good reason. It is the only bot that can create other Telegram bots. If you're planning to make a bot with whatever tool you have, you'll still need to go through BotFather.

Upon searching for BotFather on Telegram, you'll see several commands. You can go through the process of creating a bot, its name, and username in a few minutes.

You will need to create code for your bot or use other bot-building software to add functionality.

Pros Cons
Claims to be “the one bot who rules them all” Limited functionality
Allows you to establish new bot accounts May require coding skills to complete
Helps you manage the bots that you already have Has a limit of 20 bots per Telegram account

BotFather is free to use for everyone on Telegram.


Browsing the web can be dangerous nowadays, especially regarding our data. Sometimes, we need to give away our email addresses to access certain information. The DropMail.me bot is perfect for such situations.

It generates a disposable email address that can send and receive messages. You can access certain files and web pages without needing to give away your personal email. When you're done with it, simply close the page.

Pros Cons
Helps you build a disposable email address Deletes data when you close the page
Helps you use that address to receive emails from other people Not recommended for important correspondence
Perfect if you’re required to have a throwaway email address for anonymous registrations Non-customizable addresses

DropMail.me is free to use through Telegram or their official website.

Miss Rose Bot

Miss Rose is a sassy group management bot with a solid set of features. It has quick response times and can function in 25 languages.

Admins can fine-tune any group member's access to certain information and actions. You can use these in combination with Miss Rose's spam protection functions. With these features, you can easily set up a rewards-punishment system.

You can also preconfigure FAQ responses, allow members to create and save notes for reference, and maintain a log channel for monitoring commands.

Pros Cons
Exceptional speed Constant alerts can be annoying
Offers incredible protection against malicious users Default flooding responses can be perceived as rude
Has multilingual support Might be overwhelming for newbies

The Miss Rose bot is free to use on Telegram.


The WatchDog Robot has simple functions that work quite well. It allows you to filter and blacklist messages, users, and even other bots.

There are different ways you can filter messages. You can filter certain words and phrases, or even message types like links, media files, stickers, etc. It is simple enough to use, with a one-page instruction manual and FAQs.

Pros Cons
Helps you delete messages Can be laggy
Helps you ban users Limited functionality
Helps you configure content to be removed with commands Not for channels requiring heavy moderation

The WatchDog Robot is free to use on Telegram.


SuchChat is a Telegram customer support tool that allows you to create chat support bots. This can be extremely useful for business owners and channel managers.

Users can create as many automated responses as they like. This can minimize the need for staffing, especially for repetitive and straightforward concerns. You can also add other agents as team members, maintaining a uniform point of contact for clients.

Pros Cons
Quick replies Subscription is a bit pricey
Can control multiple conversations Free trial only lasts a week
Seamless Telegram integration Has a watermark for non-pro subscriptions

SuchChat offers a seven-day free trial. After that, it is $9 per agent per month for a standard subscription. Pro subscriptions cost $22 per agent per month.

Controller Bot

Controller Bot helps users do various tasks to manage their Telegram community. Users can create scheduled posts, complete with formatting options and inline links. It also allows users to view channel stats and monitor their growth.

Aside from management, Controller Bot also helps with engagement. It allows you to add emoji reaction buttons to any of your posts. This feature can also help with any polls your channel may have.

Pros Cons
Good message delivery speed No spam filters
Easy to use Lacking in member management
Allows unlimited scheduled posts Limited functionality

Controller Bot is free to use on Telegram.

The Bottom Line

Telegram allows people to create communities of up to 2,500,000 people. This large number can be difficult to manage alone, which is why bots like OpenMember have taken up the task.

With OpenMember, creators can make a living out of their passions. You can create a customized subscription plan that makes sense for your community. The dashboard also helps you monitor channel growth in real-time and develop strategies to keep your audience engaged.

New features like scheduling posts are currently in the works. Sign up to enjoy hassle-free transactions and community management all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Telegram Bots

Are bots safe in Telegram?

Bots are like individual accounts. Some of them are harmless, while others might be more malicious. It's best to avoid giving them sensitive information like bank numbers, passwords, etc. Be careful about downloading any files the bot gives you as well.

Can Telegram bots be hacked?

Yes. Some people have created bots for malicious purposes. There have been cases of hackers using such bots to glean sensitive user information.

Do Telegram bots really pay?

Most, if not all, Telegram bots offer their services for free. You can find specific bots like OpenMember to help you monetize your Telegram channel.